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Player Information
Name: Charli  
Personal LJ: [ profile] disneyglitter
AIM/Plurk/etc.: aim: totsuzenlove
Time zone: GMT
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information
Name: Squall Leonhart
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Timeline Summary: This is Squall right after FFVIII ends (the same night as the final cutscene)
Are you importing your character from another game? Nope.
Background: Play the gaaaame /end pimp OR read THIS

Personality (with some background to show his development as a character):

Squall is, first and foremost, a soldier. He puts his duties ahead of his personal needs and this often leads to him being referred to as a "Lone Wolf". He has a lot of drive and ambition to be the best soldier he possibly can and this usually means he has little interest in, or time for, social interactions. He is considered by many as being taciturn, aloof and stoic - this is because he is often cold towards his fellow team mates, even though they are his allies. He kids himself that the reason for this is that he simply wants to get the mission completed and get it done as efficiently as physically possible - which leaves little time for making friends. However, the true reason he distances himself from people is that he has strong emotional issues regarding dependency - which are linked to his childhood. He lost his closest friend, his "Big Sis", and, due to this, he had vowed to live a solitary life without ever letting himself get close to anyone, ever - the chance of being hurt and abandoned was too great a risk to take.

Despite all this, he has gained a lot of respect from the staff and students of Balamb Garden due to his exceptional fighting and leadership abilities - having proven his worth on several occasions, particularly when he helped lead Balamb Garden to safety during the War with Ultimecia. However, when he was initially put into a position of leadership by the Headmaster of Balamb Garden, Squall struggled to cope with the pressure and often felt as if he wasn't suited to the task - he even declared "I've had it up to here with this leader thing". He lacks the confidence to believe in his abilities, but he is able to put his feelings aside in order to perform the task assigned to him by his leader. By doing so, Squall proved himself a worthy leader and allowed himself to open up to the people around him a little - particularly his closest team mates. 

His relationship with the other key players in FFVIII is a little more complex - his history with many of them going back to when they were all at an Orphanage together - something not many of them initially recall. However, the fact that they were all children together didn't really help Squall become any warmer towards them - it still took him a long time to come out of his aloof shell and really warm to them all - his fear of losing them truly limited his ability to get close to any of them. He was already too set in his ways to change and kept a safe distance from them all during their various missions and battles.

His relationship with Rinoa Heartilly is another kettle of fish entirely. When they first met, Squall was incredibly reluctant to show any sign of interest in the brunette - whether this was due to him not really knowing how to deal with "girls" or if he truly didn't give a damn, Squall still isn't entirely sure. However, as the story progressed, they inevitably became closer, their lives more intertwined than they first imagined. Squall found it increasingly difficult to shut Rinoa out, and despite his apparent lack of interest, Rinoa never gave up on gaining Squall's affections. This shows how reluctant Squall was regarding his feelings for other people - particularly when the person in question is someone he finds himself falling in love with!

Nonetheless, by the end of the War, Squall has fully embraced his feelings for Rinoa - he's ready, if not scared shitless, to pursue a more intimate relationship with the girl. This just shows how far he has come personality wise - his heart is able to accept another, to take a leap and just fall in love. He has even started to accept that he really likes his team mates and that, after all they've been through, they deserve a special place in his heart. It's almost as if he's completely lost all fear of being abandoned - his friends have finally carved a place in his heart and Squall has found himself warming to them, caring for them, despite his past issues. 

In terms of his personality, Squall has transformed from the aloof and often moody teenager to a heroic and mature young man - he has slowly began to change the way he lives his life and the way he treats the people in it. However, he still has doubts and still finds it difficult to be sociable - he is very awkward in situations where he is meeting new people - sure, he has managed to get used to his group of friends from FFVIII but, if he were to meet new people, he'd most likely find himself almost completely reverting to his old self. He isn't fully ready to become the socialite just yet, after all! His lone wolf status is an intrinsic part of who he is and without it, he wouldn't really be Squall. 

Powers, Skills, and Abilities: 

SEE-D: Squall is a SEE-D of Balamb Garden - basically a highly trained professional Mercenary. In addition to this, his leadership and tactical skills are of a high level.
Weapon: He is also a Gunblade specialist - a weapon that few people have been able to master, and thus his skills are highly sought after. 
Limit Break: He can also perform a "Limit Break" when he is in danger - something that can change the tide of a battle in a flurry of sword attacks.
Magic: He has the ability to use Magic - he does so by "drawing" the magic from enemies and source points.
Summons: He can summon GF's (Guardian Forces) to help him during battles. 

First Person: [VIDEO POST]

[When the video starts rolling, a handsome young man is visible. His body language is a little off - he has his arms folded tightly across his chest and the expression on his face isn't really all that welcoming. He is dressed in an ensemble of leather and fur, his brown hair ruffled, strands of it drifting across his face as he sighs deeply]

I have absolutely no idea what to talk about. I'm pathetic at these sorts of things. Do I really have to do this?

[He sighs, raising a gloved hand to his head, brushing away a few irksome strands of hair]

Ok, I'll make this brief. I'm Squall Leonhart. I have no idea how I got here, nor how to get out. But, if anyone out there has seen any of my friends.. Zell, Quistis, Selphie, Irvine.. [He visibly pales, swallowing before he speaks the next name...] Rinoa...

Please, let me know. Or, if any of you are watching, contact me. We can work out how to deal with this. 

Um.. [He shrugs, his expression somewhat sad] That's all for now, I suppose... Over and Out.

[The video clicks off]

Third Person:

Everything was perfect - for the first time in his life, Squall felt truly,honestly, completely.. content. The war was over, some semblance of normality would inevitably return to the world and he could resume his career path without threat. Of course, there would never be total peace - that would be very bad news for Garden - but the threat of total domination under the evil sorceress, Ultimecia, was quelled, at least.

The celebration party was still in full swing as Squall made his way back to his dorm. He had walked Rinoa back to her room, sharing a chaste kiss on the lips before they parted. She has smiled at him, a knowing smile, but nothing had happened - not that he was in any hurry - they had the rest of their lives together, after all. Just knowing that she was safe and that she loved him was all Squall needed. He would sleep well tonight.

He reached his dorm, pulling out his key card to swipe open his door. He stepped into the room and locked the door behind him. Suddenly, a strange tiredness overcame him. He shook his head a little, his eyes drooping shut. A moment later, he had fallen onto his bed, face down. The last thought that ran through his mind as the darkness overtook him was "some bastard must've poisoned the punch.."  

He wasn't sure how much time had passed before he blearily opened his eyes - all he knew was that something was terribly amiss. The familiar sounds of the Garden were gone, eerie silence and the occasional sound of beeping were all he was aware of. Willing himself to open his eyes, he surveyed his surroundings - His intital thought was that he was in the Infirmary - but no, it didn't look anything like Kadowaki's office. No, he was somewhere else entirely.

He groaned when he sat up, feeling as if he'd had one too many drinks the night previous - not that he had drank anything particularly strong - he just felt as if he had a hangover from hell. 

"Where the hell am I?" Squall murmured to himself.

"Welcome to Aliunde" Came the answer. Squall immediately looked up. Spotting a doctor he stood, reaching for his Gunblade automatically. However, it wasn't there - he was unarmed. 

"Don't come any closer!" Squall yelled, holding out an arm to ward off the strange Doctor. Instead of coming closer, the Doctor left a package on the side and walked out.

"What the -- Come back here!" Squall ran over to the door, pausing to look at the package. "What is this place?"

One thing was for sure - He wasn't in Balamb anymore, hell, he wasn't even sure if he was in the same continent!

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